3 Ways to Air Dry Natural Hair

These are 3 of the ways I air dry my hair. These provide me with the best stretched results with the shortest amount of drying time. I usually leave each method in about 12-14 hours. Usually overnight because my hair takes AGES to dry unless in a wash and go state. Thanks for watching and […]

Bentonite Clay Mask Treatment for Natural Hair

A couple years ago I stumbled across Bentonite Clay while walking the isles of Whole Foods. I originally purchased it for my skin, because I heard it was an amazing face mask. (but that’s another post) While getting ready for a wash day, I recalled some tutorials I watched previously with fellow naturalists using Bentonite Clay […]

Five Things That Should Be New Year’s Resolutions

 It’s four days into 2016 and you’re probably already over that fitness resolution you promised yourself about a week ago! Although getting healthy should be a lifestyle resolution everyday here are five things you should plan to do this year and continue to do every year:

One Pot Chicken Alfredo

I have my inner latch key kid moments! This Alfredo recipe is quick and easy. Ingredients: Penne Pasta 1-2 cups of fresh/frozen broccoli Small can of canned chicken drained Alfredo sauce Instructions: Cook noodles according to brand’s instructions Add in broccoli to cook with the pasta. When noodles and broccoli are cooked to your preference, […]

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