It Takes a Village…What Ty Alexander and Necole Kane Taught Me!

I started blogging as a hobby back in 2011 after watching Necole Kane, formerly of Necole Bitchie talk with WGCI’s Morning Riot about the life of being a blogger. She was so inspiring and gave some great advice that had me ready to start blogging right then and there!

Side note: I blame my friend Sherm Murdock for stumbling across this video that began my blogging journey because I was actually looking through videos on WGCI’s YouTube channel because he was recently hired (or promoted…I can’t remember) there and I was bragging to my parents about how great things happen to my TSU fam but I digress…

Thus was born! I had no idea what I was doing. Google and YouTube became my best friends as I began to research how to do HTML and add different types of widgets to my site to make it cool. I would find fun stories to post and tried to do it daily. Eventually I bought my own domain and hosting site, and started to try to attempt to turn that site into an extra income earning opportunity. I had also decided to add Example Please to my blogging venture as well. However I started to post less.

I read an article about why you should never blog alone by Gorgeous in Grey’s Ty Alexander. While she had great points, I was still in denial about needing help. I was convinced I could do everything myself. After blogging for so long and not really seeing any accomplishments or residuals for it I started to get frustrated. As I said in an earlier post, I ended up being so overwhelmed from trying to post regularly on my websites while working a full time job (doing a lot of overtime) and being a wife and mother that I shut down from writing completely for a long time.

[ICYMI: Why I Relaunched My Website – Example Please 2.0 here]

While recovering from my blood clot I was on Ty’s site again when I came across the article again and I received the message this time! I thought about it. What does every blog that I like to read have in common? They are consistent and they have a team!The Office Teamwork

My mother always willing to “help her babies” agreed to help me relaunch with some fresh content. I sent a text to my friend, Ashley and asked her if she wanted to be on board and she was down. I started thinking of all of these great people that could help and start sending emails, text messages, Facebook posts. I was excited to have friends and family that were willing to help.

So here I am to tell you that while you can try to do everything yourself, it’s better to have a village. You can get much more accomplished not to mention you will have less stress. If you’re thinking about giving up on the blog you’ve dreamed about pause for a minute and come up with a new strategy. See if there are a few people that can add their creativity in the mix. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. As my parents’ always say the worst thing anyone can say to you is no” so just keep trying until you get the right people to say yes.

With that being said, thank you to Ashley, Ashley Michelle, Kiara, Tiffany and of course my mama, Artheria for saying yes! You all are amazing! If I don’t tell you that everyday here is a reminder that I appreciate you guys! Thanks to all of my friends that may be posting some things in the future on here as well. You all are my village!It Takes A Village

Peace and love and happy blogging!

Veronica Grant
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