Bentonite Clay Mask Treatment for Natural Hair

A couple years ago I stumbled across Bentonite Clay while walking the isles of Whole Foods. I originally purchased it for my skin, because I heard it was an amazing face mask. (but that’s another post)

While getting ready for a wash day, I recalled some tutorials I watched previously with fellow naturalists using Bentonite Clay as a hair mask. My was in need of a hair pick me up, I mixed it with some ACV, olive oil, and  little water and its been an amazing relationship ever since.

Bentonite Clay is known for its clarifying principles. It’s a great detoxifying clay and it awesome for removing product build up, from your strands. Every time I do a treatment, it makes my curls pop!

Enjoy & give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!



Kiara McCummings
A 20 something year old, with a passion for all things natural hair! I began my journey in 2009, and at that time there weren't many places I could find someone with my hair type and get guidance and inspiration. That made me want to document my personal journey. It started with a blog, turned into quick Instagram pictorials, and has now become a Youtube Channel. Through hair tutorials, product reviews, and updates I hope to help someone who might need a little extra push along their Natural Journey! Enjoy!!
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