Perm Rod Set on Natural Hair

Every woman has that one hairstyle that she will never give up. That one style that makes her do a double take in the mirror. That one style that puts a little extra pep in her step. This style is definitely all of those things for me. I tried this style for the first time about a year ago, and I have been hooked since that first take down! I get the longest wear out of this style and depending on rod size, quite a few variations.

For this style, I air dried my hair overnight. I prefer to air dry my hair when time allows as I don’t want to over use the blow dryer. For stretched results, I suggest the banding method or the twist and pin method (which I show in this video). I normally start my perm rod sets on stretched and dry hair so I will see more of my length once the rods are removed.

I used the wrap and twist method which is very similar to wrapping your hair around a curling wand minus the use of direct heat.

The stylers I used for this style were the ORS Twist and Loc gel and Lotta Body Foaming wrap lotion. For the take down process I normally use some type of oil either Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed oil to decrease frizz.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and give this style a try! Like I said, it is one of my favs, and I’m sure you will love it too!


Kiara McCummings
A 20 something year old, with a passion for all things natural hair! I began my journey in 2009, and at that time there weren't many places I could find someone with my hair type and get guidance and inspiration. That made me want to document my personal journey. It started with a blog, turned into quick Instagram pictorials, and has now become a Youtube Channel. Through hair tutorials, product reviews, and updates I hope to help someone who might need a little extra push along their Natural Journey! Enjoy!!
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