3 Ways to Air Dry Natural Hair

These are 3 of the ways I air dry my hair. These provide me with the best stretched results with the shortest amount of drying time.

I usually leave each method in about 12-14 hours. Usually overnight because my hair takes AGES to dry unless in a wash and go state.

Thanks for watching and if you have any questions leave them below!!!

Kiara McCummings
A 20 something year old, with a passion for all things natural hair! I began my journey in 2009, and at that time there weren't many places I could find someone with my hair type and get guidance and inspiration. That made me want to document my personal journey. It started with a blog, turned into quick Instagram pictorials, and has now become a Youtube Channel. Through hair tutorials, product reviews, and updates I hope to help someone who might need a little extra push along their Natural Journey! Enjoy!!
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