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Today is the big day that determines if our student loans will be forgiven within the next four years or nah! November 8th is election day. While there are five candidates running for the title of President of the United States there are two in the lead: Donald Trump who likes to “grab ’em by the […]

“Hey Dad, They Don’t Care About the Cameras Anymore”

If you are reading this blog post with the expectation of hearing some newfound insight as to why police are killing black people, an innovative 5 point action plan to combat police brutality, or an eloquently written dissertation on how non blacks should feel about black people’s plight in America, this ain’t what you are looking […]

Get to Know Tiffany Wade and Her Passion For the Youth

Meet Tiffany Wade. She is the founder and director of Building Youth Partnerships, a non-profit organization that caters to the youth in the Nashville, TN. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Wade created BYP in 2012 to help empower and motivate teens to stay on the right path. She is currently working on the 2nd […]

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