Natural Hair Mistakes!

I’m staring to believe that the statement “The Struggle is Real,” was coined by a women going through her hair wash routine. It seems like the more you try to do right sometimes, the more goes wrong. This Natural Hair Journey is one about learning as you go, and I’m learning new things everyday. Sometimes it seems […]

Bentonite Clay Mask Treatment for Natural Hair

A couple years ago I stumbled across Bentonite Clay while walking the isles of Whole Foods. I originally purchased it for my skin, because I heard it was an amazing face mask. (but that’s another post) While getting ready for a wash day, I recalled some tutorials I watched previously with fellow naturalists using Bentonite Clay […]

Butternut Squash Two Ways!

I’m here with something a little different today! A foodie post!!! As the temperatures start to drop, smells of comfort food begin to fill the air. Chunky soups, chilis, and hearty meals are starting to grace tables across the country. In an attempt to incorporate more veggies into my diets, I’ve been trying new things. While […]