Natural Hair Mistakes!

I’m staring to believe that the statement “The Struggle is Real,” was coined by a women going through her hair wash routine. It seems like the more you try to do right sometimes, the more goes wrong.

This Natural Hair Journey is one about learning as you go, and I’m learning new things everyday. Sometimes it seems as if my hair changes daily. It’s more dry in certain environments than others. (Which is something I’m dealing with at this moment) As my body is going through changes, sometimes it doesn’t feel the same & some of my styles don’t look the same.  If I have a moment to be honest, sometimes I just want to start all the way over.

As I’ve gone along, I’ve definitely made tons of mistakes along the way. These are the biggest mistakes I believe I’ve made so far.

Let me know what mistakes you’ve made during your journey. Which do you think impacted your hair growth the most? Which of the ones I’ve mentioned have you fallen victim of?

Thanks for watching, sharing, and commenting!



Kiara McCummings
A 20 something year old, with a passion for all things natural hair! I began my journey in 2009, and at that time there weren't many places I could find someone with my hair type and get guidance and inspiration. That made me want to document my personal journey. It started with a blog, turned into quick Instagram pictorials, and has now become a Youtube Channel. Through hair tutorials, product reviews, and updates I hope to help someone who might need a little extra push along their Natural Journey! Enjoy!!
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