Freebies For Voting!


Today is the big day that determines if our student loans will be forgiven within the next four years or nah!

November 8th is election day. While there are five candidates running for the title of President of the United States there are two in the lead: Donald Trump who likes to “grab ’em by the p**** ” and Hillary Clinton who lost trust with most of the public because her email scandal.

via Giphy

via Giphy

Don’t forget about those running for congress and local government (Those are the guys and gals that really make the difference)!

With all of the back and forth who should win all over social media, work, and school tensions seem to be high around this time. However several companies have offered free items to enjoy after leaving the polls.

Here are some incentives for taking the time to make history tonight!


Show your “I Voted” sticker to get free access Tuesday at the gym.


Get a free doughnut when you show you sticker at participating locations.


Okay you have to buy a pizza first but you get a personal pizza for free! Use the coupon code #5252 or simply let them know you voted.


Here’s another sweet treat! Show your “I voted” sticker and you will receive a free cookie on November 8th.


Get a free medium drink when you show off your “I voted” sticker.


Get a free pizza when you go on their website and vote for Marco’s.


Print out this coupon to get their BOGO deal.


Use the promo code VOTE20 to get 20% off your order.

To sum it up, keep your “I Voted” sticker. It’ll take you places this election day!


If you were hoping for Starbucks to jump in with something special for Election Day as of yet it is a no-go. However they have their #ShareEvent that starts on November 10th.

Remember: Your vote matters! If you need to find out where to vote in your area click here.

As Jennifer Lewis said, “Get your a** out and vote!”

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