12 Rules To Follow When Visiting Other People’s Homes For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!

It’s the one time of the year when I get to visit multiple houses, and ask for food and nobody takes offense and silently judge me about my eating habits.

Well many people will be like myself and will be traveling for Thanksgiving or making multiple stops.  Here are a few rules to follow when visiting other people’s homes:

1.Don’t ask who made the (insert food item).


People are sensitive and will be ready to fight over their food.

2. If you’re a sore loser don’t play any cards or Dominos.

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If you’re at a friend’s remember everyone there is family and they will jump you over a game. Relax talk stuff when you with your family, it’s safer.

3. Don’t bring one of those Patti Pies and try to pass it off as if you made it.


Everyone will know it’s her pie as soon as they see that light skinned pie crust, so just be honest.

4.Don’t eat anything that hasn’t been touched.


There’s a reason it’s a whole pan of Mac and Cheese that hasn’t been scooped or touched and everybody there knows it except you.

5.Don’t bring the squad


You are invited not all the homies. Especially Tony because last year he kept trying to drink all the good stuff and he only brought Steel Reserve.

6.Warn people before your bring new boo around


It gets real awkward when the family calls them by your ex’s name, or start asking where’s the person you brought last year.

7.Be careful about where you eat.

Funny Junk

Just because you were invited doesn’t mean you have to eat here. That coworker with all the cats stay away from their food its ok to say you just ate, and you have a few more stops to make. Having the bubble guts will mess up your whole Thanksgiving.

8. Don’t get offended if your friend’s drunk uncle/aunt tries to holla.

They do it to everybody just tell your friend and laugh about it later it will be a good story to bring up every holiday.

9. Be On Time


Don’t stop everyone from eating because you are late bringing the Honey Baked Ham.

10.Don’t make a to go plate before you even made your first plate.


That’s rude and the quickest way to have someone’s auntie tell you how she really feels about you.

11. Don’t come empty handed, bring something.


Even if it’s just 2, 2L sodas..

12. Enjoy Thanksgiving!!


God has granted you another opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and this time should be cherished and never taken for granted.


LOVE. Peace. Equality.



Xavier Keen
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