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Bentonite Clay Mask Treatment for Natural Hair

A couple years ago I stumbled across Bentonite Clay while walking the isles of Whole Foods. I originally purchased it for my skin, because I heard it was an amazing face mask. (but that’s another post) While getting ready for a wash day, I recalled some tutorials I watched previously with fellow naturalists using Bentonite Clay […]

Five Things That Should Be New Year’s Resolutions

 It’s four days into 2016 and you’re probably already over that fitness resolution you promised yourself about a week ago! Although getting healthy should be a lifestyle resolution everyday here are five things you should plan to do this year and continue to do every year: 5. Go on vacation. As you are looking at […]

One Pot Chicken Alfredo

I have my inner latch key kid moments! This Alfredo recipe is quick and easy. Ingredients: Penne Pasta 1-2 cups of fresh/frozen broccoli Small can of canned chicken drained Alfredo sauce Instructions: Cook noodles according to brand’s instructions Add in broccoli to cook with the pasta. When noodles and broccoli are cooked to your preference, […]

15 Christmas Songs That Will Touch Your Soul

It is the Christmas season and that means it’s time for Christmas music.  Christmas music is essential and has as much of a role to a successful holiday season as an evergreen tree.  It makes the road trips we take across the ends of the earth to be with family much shorter, makes M’Dear’s Christmas […]

Paula M. Farmer, Mentor and Life Coach Motivating You For Success!

Paula M. Farmer wears many hats! She is a human resource consultant, motivational speaker, life coach, mentor and more! As President and CEO of PMFaith Consulting, Inc. Farmer knows her stuff when it comes to business! I was able to chat with her to get know more about her journey to owning her company as well as her perspective on […]

Councilman Jewell Jones, Making History and Keeping the Faith!

At 20 years old, Councilman Jewell Jones is making history! On November 16th Jewell Jones was sworn in  as an official City Council Member in Inkster, MI becoming the youngest member to be on board. He represents the city’s 4th district. Councilman Jones is also a full time student studying political science and finance at the University […]