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Paula M. Farmer wears many hats! She is a human resource consultant, motivational speaker, life coach, mentor and more! As President and CEO of PMFaith Consulting, Inc. Farmer knows her stuff when it comes to business! I was able to chat with her to get know more about her journey to owning her company as well as her perspective on being successful in the business world whether you are the employee or the employer. Check out the interview below!

How did you first get started on PM Faith Consulting, INC.?
It was something I had always dreamed of. I’ve had 4 businesses.  Starting a business is not easy. The Lord spoke to me about quitting my job and starting this business. After a lot of prayer and questions, I said ‘yes’ to the call to Entrepreneurship. 
What is your job description?
We provide three core services: Human Resources Consulting, Corporate Training, Executive Coaching
What inspired you to start your business?
I identify problems and create solutions to help people reach their goals. Every business, organization, church, corporate entity, small business owner, etc, exists because there are people behind the scenes making things happen. I am equipped to solve problems that every place of business faces such as communication, planning, organizational development, business processes, standards, etc. My inspiration is people. I love helping people.
Are there any specific classes that you had to take?
My motto is ABL (Always Be Learning). I’ve earned three degrees and each of those degrees contributed greatly to the development and success of my career.  Every experience, every failure, every workshop, every success, every moment of doubt, every step of this journey is attributed to two things: my strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and life. My ‘specific classes’ are a combination of all of these things. 
Is a degree more important or a portfolio?
This is a great question. An education and portfolio are equally important.  The scale is tilted based on the individual. Whenever I am conducting “Career” Coaching, one of the questions I ask is, “What do you want to accomplish?” The answer to that question possibly dictates the answer to your question. 
How often is teamwork required?
Teamwork is a beautiful thing when everyone understands, supports and works towards the common goal and agreed-upon outcomes.  I facilitate team-building sessions quite often. But in my business, I collaborate versus engaging in teamwork. 
What has been your worse experience with a client?
My worse experience with a client happened when I was starting out…..I performed a service, but was never paid. I learned many lessons from that experience. Business processes, checks and balances, technology and contracts are a few of the essential must haves. 
What is your favorite part about your job?
Helping people.  It’s always an amazing feeling when I share results with the client.  The look on their faces is priceless. Solving problems is what it’s all about.
Do you think that employers are willing to negotiate a higher salary for more qualified candidates or do you believe they would pick a less experienced employee and train them?
Employers want people who can ramp up quickly. What do I mean by ramp up? Someone who shows a great deal of potential (proven), quick learners, team players, critical thinkers.
And I do believe marketable candidates possess an opportunity to negotiate a higher salary and if they are prepared to have that conversation and have it in a way that it transfers to the employer…..”I am your person. You want to hire me.”…..then, yes, the employer(s) will definitely pay the higher salary supplemented with a nice benefit offering.
Is it possible to make a six figure income straight out of college or even without a degree?
Achieving 6-figure status straight out of college is difficult and that’s putting it lightly. Most of the time, employers expect  knowledge, experience, etc.  There are a lot of college graduates stepping into the world of entrepreneurship.
What is your advice for college graduates when it comes to looking for jobs post graduation
Research. Plan. Practice (interviewing). Volunteer. I mentor so many people in this area.  I’m not convinced that people truly understand the dynamics and principles behind finding your career of choice.
You can find out more information on Paula Farmer and PMFaith Consulting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope (@1PaulaMichelle) for her #WeFundMotivation Series!
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