Five Things That Should Be New Year’s Resolutions

 It’s four days into 2016 and you’re probably already over that fitness resolution you promised yourself about a week ago!Bobby Smurda_About A Week Ago

Although getting healthy should be a lifestyle resolution everyday here are five things you should plan to do this year and continue to do every year:

5. Go on vacation.

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As you are looking at some of your friends pictures of them ringing in the New Year in Miami, Vegas, or even Dubai you realize that you could have been doing the same thing with the right planning.

Get it right this year!

Go to a travel agency and plan a cruise or dream vacation. They can help you set up a budget and get you on track for some fun in the sun. You can even save some money and grab a deal from Groupon or Home Away and gather some friends and ride to New York or chill in a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. Just get up and ride!

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4. Start a side hustle business.

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Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you can’t earn extra income. If you work a 9-5 (or 8-4…do your thing!) You have 16 hours (Maybe 8 hours if you need sleep) left each day to work on your own thing. You could start a blog, babysit, become an Uber driver

There is a market for almost anything! Are your friends always  complimenting you on that jewelry you made? Are you the life of the party when you go out on the town? Maybe you enjoy building custom frames and furniture. Whatever your passion is stop doing it for free.

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With Etsy and $0.99 domain names, there is no excuse to not try to invest in yourself and make some extra income. Within two years you could double your current salary!

3. Read more Non-fiction books.

The saying generally goes if you want to keep info from a black person, put it in a book. While this saying is not limited to African Americans many people are missing out on a lot of pertinent and vital information because people don’t like to read. There are many self help books that help you with budgeting, preparing for college, vacation, starting a business and more. By taking the initiative of reading at least 10 pages a day could expand your horizons and make life choices much easier in many aspects of life.

This isn’t limited to just non-fiction books. Turn the television off and grab a mystery novel or science fiction book. Your imagination will run wild. Bonus tip: The book is usually a lot better and more detailed than most film adaptations.

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2. Budget! Budget! Budget!

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I can’t stress this enough! This makes life so much easier. Download an Excel spreadsheet and plug in all the numbers that go toward Sallie Mae Navient, rent, insurance, childcare, cable, utilities, gas, etc. Once you see how much you are spending you can figure out where you can cut back on expenses or splurge to go on that dream vacation that you wanted to take. Whatever you have left put in a savings account which brings me to the number one thing you should do this year…

1. Use Your Savings Account!

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This is always a good habit to do every month. Every time you have leftover money you should place it in savings. This is good for a rainy day. A tire could blow out or even possibly a lay-off could occur. Those extra savings will be handy to have in case of an emergency as well as having some money in place to save for an expensive outfit or the latest technology!

If you don’t have a savings account you can open one at any bank. Shop around to see who has the best interest rates to get more money in your pocket.

Try these out and share your resolutions with us!

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