Get to Know Tiffany Wade and Her Passion For the Youth

Tiffany Wade
Meet Tiffany Wade. She is the founder and director of Building Youth Partnerships, a non-profit organization that caters to the youth in the Nashville, TN. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Wade created BYP in 2012 to help empower and motivate teens to stay on the right path. She is currently working on the 2nd Annual Youth Speak Out Tour. The first stop of the tour took place at her Alma Mater. Learn more about the event below:

Why did you start your Youth Speak Out Tour?

The Youth Speak Out Tour was established through Building Youth Partnerships, which is a summer youth program for ages 13-18 that has been in business for four years. Building Youth Partnerships was founded, because God placed it on my heart to do something positive for the Youth. They face so many challenges with crime and violence that I felt compelled to stand up, and be a leader that implements change. I was raised doing work in the community, so I believe in giving back. Through Building Youth Partnerships, we are making a difference, and the Youth Speak Out Tour is giving our organization an opportunity to go all over the world to impact the Youth.

Who inspires you the most?

I’m inspired the most by God. Without God none of this would be possible. If He did not place this program on my heart, I would not have started it. He gave me the vision to go out and help the Youth.

What do you plan to accomplish with your organization?

I plan to implement the Youth Speak Out Tour overseas, and setup a satellite program overseas.

What type of children does your program cater to you?

We cater to Youth ages 13-18.

Do you believe that all children have potential to be great in life?

Yes, I definitely believe that any child has the potential to great. We all were created to be great, and with the right guidance anyone can.

What do you hope to accomplish with this tour?

I hope to bring the Youth closer to God, and to educate them on crime and violence awareness. Also, I hope to allow them to see something different, like a college tour or meet other Youth doing great things.

Who is your role model?

My role model is my mother. She has shown me how to be a respectful Christian woman. My mother has shown me how to give back and make a difference as a leader. She has helped guide me throughout my life, and helped me make decisions. There is no other woman I could look up to as much as I look up to my mother.

Where do you see your Youth Speak Out Tour in 2 years? 5 years?

In two years, I plan to take the Youth Speak Out Tour to Lagos, Nigeria, Atlanta, South Carolina, and North Carolina. In 5 years, I plan to have taken the tour to at least 3 different countries, and connect with BET.

There will be two more Youth Speak Out Tours this year on July 14 at Chicago State University and at Atlanta scheduled for October. 

Check out Building Youth Partnerships on Facebook as well as the Youth Speak Out Tour’s page.

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