From Memoirs to Mini Series, Get Inspired with Myah Lipscomb of #WeirdMYAH

Do you know someone that inspires you to just follow your goals and passion?

Meet Myah Lipscomb!

She is one of the few people that motivates me to get out of my comfort zone (don’t tell her I said that!).

During her undergrad years, Myah had a series on YouTube, Myah’s Memoirs, but her main focus was  to become a Veterinarian.  After a year and a half of working as a vet assistant, she decided that life was too short to not follow her passion and decided to embrace her creative side. Three years later she, graduated from Lipscomb University with her Masters in Film and Creative Media this December. She has worked on several projects such as the BET Honors and NAACP Awards as well as working as an extra on the show Nashville.

Her top project to date is her own miniseries, #WeirdMyah which is on Vimeo. The show was created, produced, and stars Myah. The show’s summary is as follows:

#WeirdMYAH is a comedy about Myah Bridges, a young college student who learns to deal with her uniqueness by embracing and establishing her individuality. She struggles to overcome the conflicts in her problematic life, created by the stress of college, lack of income, and her social awkwardness. Shanaé, Imani, Leonard, Allanah and Terrence, are friends and foes of Myah who contribute to her realization of self and help to create memorable experiences along the way.

Check out my interview with Myah and get to know her and more about the show below:

How did you first get involved in creating YouTube content?
I got into YouTube back in high school…now it’s super embarrassing so I
won’t share the name (lol) If you find it, that’s on you! Ha! But my best
friend, Zaina (@zayxclusive), and I had a sketch comedy themed YouTube
channel where we did parodies, character shorts, music videos. We were a
mess!! It was hilarious though and we started to build a following and even
became YouTube partners. Since we went our separate ways for college we
weren’t able to keep up with it but it was a lot of fun!
Post college, I launched Myah’s Memoir on YouTube! On this channel I post
motivational messages, makeup/hair tutorials, my videography/editing
work, and more! I plan to do more with this channel soon as well as expand
the brand of Myah’s Memoir.
Because of my desire to protect the intellectual property of #WeirdMYAH , I
will not be using YouTube as the platform for the miniseries. Instead, I will
be posting on my website using Vimeo.
How do you deal with negative comments on your YouTube channel and
other social media pages?
Negative comments aren’t really an issue for me. Maybe I haven’t reached
the level of popularity yet. (lol) I try to remain very positive and
encouraging in real life and on my social platforms to avoid any form of
negative energy.
Is #WeirdMYAH based off of your life?
#WeirdMYAH is a fictional comedy but yes it is influenced by myself and
my life. The characters are all fictitious, as is the story line, but the
underlying message of owning your uniqueness is based off of my own
interpretation of how I embrace being myself.
What is your favorite part about the show?
I love how relatable the characters and situations are. I also love the
diversity and talent of the cast and crew. The #WeirdMYAH team is a family
and that is the best part about this journey!
Who or what inspires you?
I am inspired by the fact that we all were created for a unique purpose. We
all have destinies aligned for us to go after and fulfill, which is so beautiful
to me!
What are your favorite tv shows?
Ready for a list!? : A Different World, The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince of
Bel-Air, Martin, So You Think You Can Dance, Queen Sugar, Being Mary
Jane, Modern Family, The Middle, Black-ish, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars…I
feel like I’m missing something.
How did you come up with the concept for your show?
I wanted to see more positive representations of people of color, especially
women on TV as well as bring back the comedic shows that we all grew up
enjoying. The concept came from me feeling weird (lol) or unique, which is
something I’ve always loved about myself because my mom taught me the
importance of being an individual at a young age. I wondered what it would
be like to showcase that feeling in a character and place her in college and
at an HBCU at that! The desire is to display Myah’s growth as she learns to
love herself and all of her weirdness, by realizing that her differences are
what make her special and are what people love about her.
What message do you want to send to viewers that watch Weird Myah?
It is okay to be you! Every character in this series has their own way of
expressing and accepting their individuality and I believe that viewers will
find a piece of them in one of the characters if not all. Through this journey
I want viewers to know that whatever dream they have on their heart to
achieve, they can! Just try, go for it! We can really do whatever we want in
life, but we must take the first step! No dream is too big or too small. If you
believe in it, you can make it happen!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
In 5 years I see #WeirdMYAH as a developed series on into its 2nd or 3rd
season on a major television platform. During this time the show and other
projects I’m involved with will also be recognized on major award shows,
television segments, magazines, and more! In 10 years I am claiming that I
will be well established in the film and television industry as a director,
cinematographer, editor, and actress who gives back and uses my platform
to inspires young women of color all over the world.
When does Weird Myah Launch?
The first episode is now available at
Who did you collaborate with as far as actors and directors?
Spencer Glover directed this episode with the help of Kariss Forte. I’ve
always admired Spencer’s work and was honored to have him apart of the
team. This episode features myself, Chelsea Smith aka Chelsea Morning
(The Chelsea Morning Show), Lanial Madden, Jackie Wade, and Adebiyi
Ojutiku. Some actors I had selected based on my relationship with them
and how well they fit the character, while others auditioned and were
selected that way. There are more actors involved who will be introduced in
the next episode!
Does everyone on set get along?
Yes! This is how I know that this project is destined!! Everyone gets along
so well. Some of us went from being complete strangers to becoming close
friends. I love it!!

To learn more about Myah and her latest and upcoming projects follow her on Instagram and Facebook as well as her website,!

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