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Black Mantra Holistic Product Review

Hey you guys! I have been looking for new products to try on my face every since I was forced to stop taking my birth control due to a blood clot. As many of you know there are some BCs that help control acne and mine was one of them. On top of that I am taking blood thinners that leaves scars due to even the tiniest scratch so I needed to find something ASAP!

Well one day this business, Black Mantra Holistic started following me on Instagram. As I was scrolling I noticed that all of the products were made with natural and organic ingredients. I contacted the creator, DJ Almond Eyez, to find out more about these products and her company:

“I started switching from mainstream products to using stuff I made in my apartment about 2 years ago. I noticed how much my skin had improved from just using honey to wash my face instead of soap. During the end of my undergrad (which was really only a couple months ago lol) I had to re-take a biology class and really fell in love with plants and the healing powers they hold. My BA is in Pan African studies and in learning about various indigenous cultures i found that many of them still rely on the earth for the bulk of their food and medicines. The more I study, the more I’m wowed by how amazing the earth is and what it produces. I created the line to not only help change the way people perceive fruits and vegetables, but to also teach people about how to live healthier lives and relearn how to cleanse the body without processed and harsh chemicals.”
When it comes to the name, “Mantra is a hymn or word that is repeated to lead a person into meditation.” DJ Almond Eyez wanted to take the negative connotations that ‘black’ is associated “Since the word Black has been given so many negative attributes, I want people to tie the word to something amazing.” she says.
She sent me some products to try and here I am to show you the results! Please excuse my plastic cap on my head!

Brown Sugar Scrub

The first product I tried was the Brown Suga Babe Daily Facial Scrub. First off, the smell is amazing! It reminds me of a nice lemon sweet tea! It was so refreshing. My skin felt so smooth after I used this scrub. I could not stop touching my face. I was even able to apply my makeup on better after using this scrub.

Koffee In the Morning Scrub

I was a little hesitant to try the Koffee in the Mornin’ Facial Scrub (as you can see in the picture). I am not a fan of coffee and its smell so when I first opened the jar the scent of a fresh morning brew was strong so I prepped myself before I was about to put it closer to my face.

Now when I tell you that this scrub was also amazing believe me! The oils that are in the scrub are not overwhelming. Your face may feel a little oily at first but it goes away. You can skip putting lotion or moisturizer on your face and feel confident to walk out the house without your skin drying out. This scrub can also be used as a shave scrub as well (just make sure to rinse off all of the coffee beans).

Tastes Like Candy Oil

The last product I tried  was the Taste Like Candy Daily Facial Moisturizer. This softens your skin as well a protects it from the sun with it’s natural SPF 10 sunblock from the coconut oil. The pepper
mint oil is sure to awaken your senses so this is a great product to use if you are not a morning person like myself. My daughter loves it as well.IMG_20150925_114300

All of these products were great and I would recommend each and every one of them.

To get these products and more from Black Mantra click here.

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