Quick Tips on Organizing Your Closet

It’s that time of year. Summer is officially over and Fall is here!

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This is a great time to organize your closet and get rid of pieces that no longer fit or are worn out. I’m here to help you gain control of your closet and wardrobe. When your closet is organized you reduce the amount of time you spend daily looking for something to wear.


I have listed a couple of steps to help you with organizing your closet.

Remove everything from your closet.

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  • Get rid of what you do not wear (donate or toss pile). This will free up space. I recommend clients to take their gently wore items to consignment stores, sell the items online or hold a garage sale.

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  • Create like item piles (pants, shirts, sweaters, etc.). When I organize my client’s closet(s) I found grouping cloths by like items (classification approach) then by color from light to dark helps them to see where they have too much and not of enough of certain color or pattern.

Time to place items back in the closet…

  • If you have space in your closet try to hang everything except sweaters. Hanging sweaters may cause them to lose shape. Hang your pants, skirts, and shorts with using clips, and organize your dresses from strapless to long-sleeve.closet-912694_1920


Shoes. Jewelry. Handbags.




  • Make your handbags visible. It’s hard to changeup handbags if you can’t see them. I organize shoes by style with right shoe toe out and left heel out. This helps when you’re trying to find the right pair of shoes for your outfit!


I also like to keep jewelry visible as well. To keep your jewelry neat and de-cluttered use a jewelry holders.
De-cluttering can decrease stress in your life.

It’s time to get ORGANIZED!

Tiffany Pointer
Organized Living founder and Nashville native, Tiffany created Organized Living because she observed fellow college struggles with trying to balance everyday professional and personal obligations. People have too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. Tiffany aims to solve this problem by doing some of the everyday task for the client with providing excellent customer services. Organized Living is a one-stop shop so that our clients can make one phone call instead of many thus saving them both time and money.
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