Any is Too Many: The Real Tragedy of Bill Cosby and his Apologists

  “Any is too many!” is what my bro Kelvin would yell out all night while playing Dominoes. Prior to starting the game of Dominoes he and I would exchange barbs and trash talk about who’s the best domino player.  Like 2 brothers, we were so competitive that before the first domino was even played […]

3 Reasons Why We Can Learn From LaVar Ball Instead Of Laughing At Him

Ever since UCLA’s standout basketball recruit Lonzo Ball broke into the NCAA scene at the start of the 2016-2017 basketball season there has been constant news coverage of his play. As to be expected he had a successful season leading his team to the Sweet 16 on the NCAA Basketball tournament, but what we didn’t […]

“Hey Dad, They Don’t Care About the Cameras Anymore”

If you are reading this blog post with the expectation of hearing some newfound insight as to why police are killing black people, an innovative 5 point action plan to combat police brutality, or an eloquently written dissertation on how non blacks should feel about black people’s plight in America, this ain’t what you are looking […]

15 Christmas Songs That Will Touch Your Soul

It is the Christmas season and that means it’s time for Christmas music.  Christmas music is essential and has as much of a role to a successful holiday season as an evergreen tree.  It makes the road trips we take across the ends of the earth to be with family much shorter, makes M’Dear’s Christmas […]

12 Rules To Follow When Visiting Other People’s Homes For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! It’s the one time of the year when I get to visit multiple houses, and ask for food and nobody takes offense and silently judge me about my eating habits. Well many people will be like myself and will be traveling for Thanksgiving or making multiple stops.  Here are […]